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Jarjum Room

3.5 years to 6 years

The Jarjum Room is a 3.5 - 6 years room.  The staff ratios in this room are 2 staff members and 22 children.  The Jarjum room has a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.  The emphasis in the Jarjum room is on encouraging children to play a larger part in the planning process while developing skills that will be used at BIG school!

The Jarjum room runs a play based curriculum and children are encouraged each day to help to plan and negotiate as to the day’s activities.  Children’s ever changing interests are closely monitored by staff who then base learning around these experiences to ensure that learning has intrinsic meaning and value to the children.  

Opportunities are offered in the preschool for children to learn through:

Under the funding guidelines from the QLD Government the centre needs to offer a 15 hour a week program over 40 weeks. The preschool room program runs Monday - Friday

Qld Government Statement of Fees

Whenever the program will not be offered by a qualified teacher for eg, holiday periods the parents will be notified in writing. A roster is available in the foyer for parents to see when teachers have RDO’s and non contact time.